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New Google Growth Hack for Event Marketers

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

The better we are at allowing the creative people in an organization to feel comfortable innovating the quicker you open yourself up to unforeseen opportunity. This means searching for a healthy balance between work-load objectives and business development reflection periods. Of course each employee will react differently to this type of leadership strategy and it's up to the decision makers of an organization to understand when to loosen or tighten work load grips depending on an individual's creative expandability. This ideology falls closely along the circuitry of the great Steve Jobs when he said, "I hire smart people to tell me what to do," and a good starting point to outline this to simply let creative people be creative and treat your strategy as a guideline, not a law.

The purpose for bringing this up is in recognition of the ever changing digital environment we find ourselves locked into. The constant release of new features online makes it impossible for management to stay up to date, so let's find strength in our numbers. It's important to cultivate an environment where everyone's brain is a little more malleable to change so our ability to innovate is a priority and maybe we can even stretch our dollar further. For example, today I bring you a new digital marketing tactic to stand out from the competition when it comes to getting your product or service in front of potential customers at an upcoming event or show.

Google Posts for Event Optimization

In 2016, Google evolved candidate cards into an option for you to post updates directly below your Google Business's searchable modular display. This function, while shockingly underused in 2019, has been a great way to post products, special offers, events, and announcements, especially if your listing is already accumulating a high level of hits. Now, as someone who is always at the ready to read between the lines, and see if there's more than meets the eye, I found a way to extend the primary function Google offers. If your brand has an upcoming event and is trying to attract a large amount of visitors while keeping costs low, seeking out the specific event center and negotiating an ad price to utilize their Google posting space may be a great option to keep in mind. Not only will it give you trackable promotional space, but depending on your campaign efforts you can create a non-invasive premiere branded experience for your upcoming event. Imagine all of the prospective event goers predominately searching for directions and your brand is the first company they have contact with. This is the perfect space to introduce special offers to the people you know will be attending. Best of all, because this idea is so underdeveloped, the sales representative you contact will probably be in the dark and hopefully you will be able to secure well under industry standard as you price it out.

Local Area Targeting

Another way you can spin this is to also target local business's within a confined radius of your event. Finding business's with potentially interested and convertible customers will make the integration much more seamless and effective. In this case the goal might be to create more awareness that you will be coming to the area. The true growth hack really occurs by letting high traffic brands ad spending or organic hits work for you. Of course, if you're going to go this route and want a better system to measure click tracking, I recommend converting your Google post call-to-action link to a Campaing Builder link. When you have this in place, you can get a much more in-depth view of the users who clicked your post and also find out if they converted on your site.

Nick Uthe is a life enthusiast, traveler, and digital entrepreneur in Salt Lake City. He is the Owner of outdoor apparel and media brand GrandTaiga, and a Contributor for Outside TV, and HUMANFITPROJECT.

For more photography, artistic insight and philosophical understanding connect with on InstagramFacebook, LinkedIn, and Vero.

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